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By Design barber shop | men's haircut in Kenmore | men's grooming
Men's hair color | By Design | Men's haircut

Our goal at By Design men's salon is to provide an elevated, unique and individualized client experience when visiting our male centric salon. Whether receiving a detailed customized men's haircut for yourself, or, maybe enjoying one of our other men's grooming services, our intent is for guys to feel inspired, relaxed and prepared for what lies ahead. 


Of course, a guy's haircut of the highest standards is our hallmark signature and intent. But just like the uniqueness of each men's haircut, we believe it is paramount you feel your time spent at By Design is appreciated and caters to you.

Suited for guys of ALL ages. We hope you will bring in your young one/s and share a father-son experience that will create long-lasting memories.


We love to start new journeys.... |  men's hair style | men's hair stylist

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Staff Bio's

William Sturtevant | By Design men's salon | Guys hair style

New Stylist

William has devoted over 32 years to sales, customer service and setting high standards in all facets of his professional development and is proud to be a part of the Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, greater Northshore business community for over eight years.

​The past sixteen years have been about mastering the art of hair and the client experience. Combining the drive and devotion to raise the bar in everything he does, William continues to stay in step with current techniques and trends. Skilled at fades, pompadours of all lengths, mid and long length styles, exotic razor cuts and loves to work with curly hair and the truly unruly "chia pet" hair types. Certified in 5 color lines to achieve almost any look. 

We are in the search for a new team member to join us. If you know of anyone that might be interested, regardless of experience, please have them contact us at

Might be something in it for you as well....)

If you are a returning client, William will be happy to serve you!

The barber near me | Men's hair styles in Kenmore, Bothell | By Design men's salon | We strive to set the standards of a men's grooming and haircut experience. Check us out at Book on-line today!

Satff bio's
Our services
service menu

If a client is cutting off 3 inches or more of hair, you MUST have a complimentary consultation. See Q&A-Terms of service further down.

"The cuts"

"Razors edge"

"Other services"

Deluxe haircut

Includes a 5-7min. Scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Detailed cut, shampoo/conditioner. Hot towels for the neck and face. Straight razor for the neck and styling to finish.


$69 and up

Signature haircut

Same as Deluxe minus the massage.(Bald fades and cutting up to 2 inches off)


$65 and up

New service's 

 Express signature haircuts

 Brief consult, detailed cut, short style, hot towel shave for the hairline and neck. No shampoo services.


(A) $55 30/min. For those who get haircuts every 4-6 weeks. 1/2"-1" being cut

No bald fades, NEW clients please use "B" for first visit

(B) $60 45/min For those who get cuts every 2-3 months1"-1.1/2" being cut, routine bald fades every 4 weeks

Young lads (12 and younger)

Detailed dry or damp haircut and styled. No shampoo.


$48 and up

Dads and lads package

Same as the signature for dad and young lads when visiting together. Special time deserves a special price.




Buzz cut

Same as the signature, up to 3 blades. Does not include fades..



Straight razor shave

Focus is a classic tight shave while getting a little pamper and relaxation time in. Experience a mini facial, eight hot steam towels with a soothing application of natural warm oils and rich lather for 2 full shaves.


$65 and up

Master package(aka-The Tarl)

Combine our Deluxe haircut and a relaxing shave to indulge yourself.


$121 and up

Signature head shave

Nothing much more refreshing then taking ALL the hair off and giving the scalp a facial. A total of 8 hot steam towels, a massage of warm oils and 2 full shaves for a super tight feel. Seal it all up with a icy cold towel and finish with an application of moisturizer to sooth the skin. Fresh!



"Details and touch-ups"


Focus is around the ears and neckline. 4-6 weeks of new growth. Hot towel and straight razor for the neck. Only for clients who have been in for cuts




Beard, mustache, goatee trimming

Maintenance trimming



New service


Signature beard, mustache, goatee trimming

It's been a while, you have a large beard, special shapes?

Razor line-up around the face (no neck) and cleanse with hot towels



Fighting grime: “A mans facial"

De-stress and rejuvenate with this relaxing service. Intended to give a deep cleansing of your skin, removing built-up dead skin cells and unplug those pores. All while infusing moisture, brightening, lightening and a  little bit of tightening of the skin.



Ear or nose waxing



Eyebrow waxing




Hair lightening

Whether some subtle highlights or all-over platinum blonde, we have you covered. Consultation and deposit required prior to service.

30/min. +

$55 and up

Permanent hair color

100% grey coverage consultation required for new clients

60/min. +

$69/and up

Demi permanent color

50-75% grey “blending”



Complimentary consultation

If it's been a long while, you have no idea what you want, you have a ton of hair or have been told it is a challenge to cut? First time permanent hair color? This free service saves everyone time and unneeded headache.



Men's haircut in Bothell | Barber near me | Redmond, Kirkland Barbers


Men's hair styles in Kenmore & Bothell | Best men's haircut | By Design barbershop

Q & A

Q & A-Terms of service

Q: Do you take walk-ins? If not how do I make an appointment?

A: We would gladly take walk-ins if the schedule is open. But it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment. ALL appointments are scheduled via the booking tool on this web site

Q: How can I schedule more than one service online?

A: Say your getting a haircut and would like a beard trim. Schedule the haircut and while doing so make note of a time that has an opening after it. e.g. haircut ends at 9:45 and there is a 9:45 opening, book the beard trim. Please note that after booking the first service there will be a button that says "continue browsing", this is your opportunity to do so.

Q: Its less then 24hrs till my appointment and I need to cancel it, how do I?

A: You may send a text message to 206-678-8256 or email

Please refer to our cancelation policy in your confirmation notice for further details.

Q: Will I get a confirmation when I schedule, or a reminder?

A: We do not engage in email marketing, the only emails you will receive are for confirming the appointments made for you, cancelations and a reminder  24hrs prior to your service. 99% of ALL communication is done via text or email.

Q: Its more then 24hrs till my appointment and I need to change or cancel it, how?

A: You may text 206-678-8256 or email that you would like to change or cancel it. At this point you can go back to the booking tool and schedule a new appointment or if we have an option that works for you, change it. As a website member "you" can change your schedule 24hrs prior to.

Q: Why are there different prices for services?

A: Each stylist/barber has varying years of tenure and each has surpassed different industry benchmarks to achieve their price point. 

Q: What do you do with my information and do you have a privacy policy?

A: Yes. Click on the Word document

Q: Its been awhile since I've had a cut, I am making a big change, I have a ton of hair or I have crazy curly hair or a special occasion, should I mention this?

A: YES!!! It would be advisable to schedule the "complimentary consultation" after which we can schedule your service with the appropriate timing needed. If you choose to schedule without a consult, be sure to make note in the "comment field" of what we are working with and goals. If you choose not to have a consult and your needs will take longer then a normal service, the service may be adapted or you will be required to rescheduled. Also extra charges may apply for any extra time, or complexity, the consultation will cover this and the more in depth consultations "never" take place the same day as a service.

Q: What happens if I cancel last minute or miss my appointment without any contact?

A: A $25 fee may be added to a client's next service visit if they have 2 or more missed/last minute cancelations. A $50 fee may be charged for any coloring/haircut service missed. 

Q: Why am I being asked for a $25 scheduling fee?

A: Simply put, it is meant to reduce/eliminate "no show" appointments. 100% of this fee is applied towards the service total at check out. If a person does not give 24-hour notice of cancellation(no show), it will be forfeited. Less than 24-hour "with" notice of cancelation the deposit will be held till the next visit and applied towards the service total at check out or 30 days then forfeited. No show or contacting after the scheduled time will be forfeited. This deposit only occurs on the first appointment and those scheduled 30 or more days out.

Q: I am running late and want to let someone know, how do I?

A: Clients may send a message via their texting app to 206-678-8256
Please refer to our late arrival guidelines below for further details.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: We are 100% digital, so no paper receipts and no paper money or coin is kept on premise. We will accept currency but do NOT have change on hand. We accept debit/credit cards and mobile wallet connected to a primary bank or credit card account.

Q: What does being a site member do for me?

A: Being a site member allows you to view, track, make and change(up to 24hrs. before) appointments as well you can view your purchase history. Being a “site (Website) member” does not infer inclusion to our “membership packages” for services program.

General arrival guidelines:

We maintain a tight schedule and we do our very best to stay on time and respect your time. If a service provider thinks they will be more then 10 minutes late getting to you we'll send a notice ASAP! Our focus is always with the client in the chair and we appreciate your understanding.

Conversely one of the main reasons we may get behind is a client arriving late. For this reason we have a 10 minute grace period for services of 45-60 minutes, 5 minutes for 30 minutes and none for services of 15 minutes. Services for late arrivals may be modified or rescheduled.

B y scheduling an appointment you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the terms of service as noted.

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